Thursday, February 9, 2012

Review! Krafty Candles - Handmade Candles & Tart Melts

Truthfully, I was never really in love with candles throughout my life. They were usually just something my Mom collected, had set out on the tables, and burned throughout the day. I passed by them in stores, saw them on YouTube and never really caught onto the craze.. until recently. Something just clicked and I found myself sniffing every scent on the shelves, looking for excuses to buy them as gifts and lighting one every night once my toddler was tucked into bed. Handmade candles add a calming, beautiful and very personal touch to any space, and I wish I had appreciated them sooner.

This week we received an order placed with Krafty Candles, a lovely small business run by Stacey Anderson. Scent is a very personal thing, so in my opinion choosing candle and tart scents online can be tricky, but she was very friendly and helpful with descriptions and recommendations. We were not disappointed! We chose 5 different candle scents - U Can Shoot Me, Downy Fresh, Fresh Linen, Pear Spice & Birthday Cake.. as well as 5 tart melt scents - Love Spell, Baby Powder, Asian Sandalwood, Downy Fresh & Jamaica Me Crazy. We were even surprised to see that she upgraded 2 of our candles to larger sizes at no extra charge!

The candles all come in sturdy and simple mason jars, with very charming rustic-style labels. They would suit any decor!

From left..
  • Fresh Linen - Very soft and airy scent, think sheets hanging out to dry on the line in summer, rustled by a warm floral breeze.
  • Downy Fresh - Appropriately named, this smells just like fabric softener. Clean, pure and familiar.
  • U Can Shoot Me - I love this one! It smells like a jar of juicy, sun ripened pineapple. Fruity and full of life!

  • Pear Spice - I'm not a huge fan of pear scents, but this is nice. Bright and fruity, not so much spice. Almost a bit of a candy scent to me.
  • Birthday Cake - Rather than a vanilla buttercream scent, which I was expecting, this is a surprisingly delicious cross between the cream cheese frosting that comes on carrot cake, and a hidden fragrance of fresh popcorn. Sounds odd, but you really would be taken back by how yummy and inviting this is!

Our tart melts were seperated in individual bags by scent, and came inside this adorable polka-dotted box!

The tart melts are very soft to the touch, and VERY highly scented. We've been using the same Baby Powder melt continuously for 4 days now and it continues to fill not only the lower level, but also the second floor of our house with unbelievable fragrance. They melt very quickly and cleanly in the warmer and even left out unmelted are enough to scent the room!
  • Asian Sandalwood - Strong sandalwood and fresh florals, a more mature and earthy scent.
  • Baby Powder - Smells exactly like soft baby powder, fresh and clean.
  • Downy Fresh - Same scent as candle above.
  • Jamaica Me Crazy - Smells like a fruity tropical drink! Pineapple, mango and papaya stand out to me.
  • Love Spell - Dark berries, musky florals and sensual perfume. Sexy and feminine.
The quality and consistency of these candles and melts are truly amazing, they definitely put my store-bought candles to shame. There's something about a candle made with love and only the finest ingredients, that you can really sense in your home as it burns.

Check out the Krafty Candles website or Krafty Candles on Facebook! Stacey is always floating around with fun games, trivia and a friendly greeting. Highly recommend!

xo Sarah

FTC: Everything you see was purchased with my own money (and my Moms ;) and all opinions are my own!

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